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How to Memorialize Your Beloved Pet

How to Memorialize Your Beloved Pet As we all know, we humans can get so attached to our pets, that they feel like a part of our family. The term "fur baby" is used to refer to a pet that is so loved by us, it is like our own child. When a pet passes "over the rainbow bridge" it can be devastating and leads to real grieving. There are many rituals for the passing of humans, but there aren't many ways we normally get through the mourning of our pets. Here are some items that can memorialize your pet and hopefully, help you pass through the grieving process.  Etsy is an excellent place to find custom items to memorialize your beloved fur baby. You can also do a google search to find additional companies that make these products. Here are some of the things I have come across.  Personally, I prefer actual hand-made items like a custom painting. A good artist can catch the personality of your dog, cat, or other pet.  For pets with a fun personality, I like colorful,